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See the Universe in action

Rubin Observatory will answer some of our biggest questions about the Universe!

Visitors from Distant Stars: Rubin Observatory Will Detect an Abundance of Interstellar Objects Careening Through Our Solar System

August 10, 2023
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Science goals

Discover the key science areas where Rubin Observatory will advance astronomy and astrophysics

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Introducing: Space Surveyors!

How many objects can you discover in a night?

In Rubin Observatory's new game, Space Surveyors, click or tap to move Rubin's camera around the sky and capture images as objects appear and disappear, waiting to be discovered! All you need is 60 spare seconds and a web browser—but watch out for those pesky clouds and airplanes

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Welcome to Rubin Observatory Education

Vera C. Rubin Observatory brings the power of real data and interactive learning to educators and students around the world. Explore exciting topics in astronomy and astrophysics with our user-friendly investigation tools

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