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Citizen Science

Help scientists make discoveries

What good is a giant data set if we don't have as many eyes on it as possible, ready to make discoveries? That’s where citizen science comes in—the more people looking for particular objects or patterns in the data, the more questions we can answer. Explore real science projects and contribute to astronomy and astrophysics today!

Explore Rubin Observatory citizen science projects

Our partnership with Zooniverse

We knew that citizen science would be a huge part of Rubin Observatory's success, so we partnered with Zooniverse, the largest and most popular citizen science platform in the world. With our input, the team at Zooniverse has made it easy for researchers to build projects that use Rubin data. That means there are lots of Rubin science projects for you to get involved with, and your help will contribute to cutting-edge astronomy and astrophysics discoveries!

Zooniverse is more than a work space—it’s a community. Ask questions or have conversations about the work you’re doing together with other citizen scientists, and participate at any level that’s comfortable for you. Each project gives you the information and guidance you need to make a meaningful contribution, no prior training required. Give it a try, and have fun!