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Rubin Numbers

Explore Rubin the numbers!


Years from concept to completion

Years of active construction

Telescope & Optics

27.6 ft / 8.4 m
Primary mirror diameter

37,000 lbs / 16,783 kg
Primary mirror weight

11 ft / 3.4 m
Secondary mirror diameter

62 tons / 56,250 kg
Full telescope weight (including the camera)

Camera & Images

6173 lbs / 2800 kg
Camera weight

9.6 square degrees
Size of images on the sky
(about the area covered by 40 full moons)

3200 megapixels
Resolution of a single image

30 seconds
Exposure time of a single image

Number of science images every night

~5.5 million
Number of images in the full ten-year LSST

Camera filters

350-1050 nanometers
Total wavelength range of the filter set
(near-ultraviolet to infrared)


20 terabytes (20,000 gigabytes)
Amount of data collected each night

60 petabytes (60,000,000 gigabytes)
Total amount of data collected in ten-year survey

~5.5 million
Images in ten-year survey

60 seconds
Time between image capture and alert generation

~10 million
Alerts per night


The Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) will image the entire visible sky from Cerro Pachón every few nights for ten years.

Visits to each sky location per year

-72° to +12°
Declinations covered by the main survey

~38 billion
Objects detected during ten-year survey

  • 20 billion galaxies
  • 17 billion stars
  • 10 million supernovae
  • 6 million Solar System objects

Rubin Observatory is located at the El Peñón site, on the Cerro Pachón ridge, Coquimbo region, Chile.

30º14'40.68"S, 70º44'57.90"W
Site coordinates

8684 ft / 2647 m
Site altitude

18 in / 46 cm
Average annual rainfall

Average clear nights per year


Rubin Builders (those who have worked on the Project for 2+ years)
as of March 2022

Countries involved in physical or software construction

Full-time Rubin employees
80 in the United States / 50 in Chile

Science Collaborations

Science Collaboration members
as of March 2022

$419 million USD
Project earned value
as of January 2022