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Visitors from Distant Stars: Rubin Observatory Will Detect an Abundance of Interstellar Objects Careening Through Our Solar System

August 10, 2023
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A top-down artist's illustration of the solar system showing the counterclockwise paths around the Sun of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars as well as newly discovered near-Earth asteroid 2022 SF289. To the upper right of the Sun, the green path of the new potentially-hazardous asteroid passes just in front of Earth's blue path. The new asteroid poses no foreseeable risk to Earth.
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New Algorithm Developed for Rubin Ensnares its First Asteroid

July 31, 2023
The discovery confirms that Rubin will be ready to detect asteroids as soon as it comes online
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Bringing the Universe to You - Rubin Observatory Premieres its Education and Public Outreach Program

June 1, 2023
Teachers, students, and the general public can now explore a suite of online, interactive experiences that highlight Rubin Observatory and its science
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