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Professional Development

Using the Investigations

On the start page of most investigations there is an opportunity to enter a passphrase. The passphrase enables you to preview the investigation without having to enter answers. It is not required to begin an investigation.

The passphrase for all investigations is 3ducatorMod3.

All of our investigations and the support materials are free to use anytime. You don't need to register to use them. But if you wish to use the assessments, you must create a free teacher account. (There will be a short delay while we activate the account.)

To create an account, try to view any assessment. This is typically done by choosing option 4 on the landing page of any investigation (such as this one).

Get familiar with our educational design

Read our Program Guide to learn more about the overall design of our investigations

Program Guide

Free Training

Rubin Observatory provides free training to help educators learn how to use and integrate investigations into their classroom context. To arrange a training opportunity for your district or department, contact us at

Community of Practice

We invite you to join our Community of Practice to become part of conversations about how Rubin Observatory investigations are implemented, and to explore teacher-developed and shared auxiliary materials. There are two options:
To join on Facebook, search for Rubin Observatory Educators. Answer the 3 membership questions, and read and agree to the rules.
To join the email discussion list, send a request to:

Additional Resources

Make your own Rubin Voices trading card!

Every Rubin Voices feature comes with a trading card highlighting the scientist in the feature. We've put together an activity for students to make their own trading cards!

Learn how to make your own trading card