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Our Education Products

Our investigations and support materials are available at no cost, and require only access to the internet and a modern browser. Each investigation is designed to be classroom-ready. There are no external materials to acquire or handouts to print. Our goal is to help you get your students engaged in learning with minimal time and effort.

All investigations use authentic data, but no extensive training is needed to start using them. You don’t need to download data or install specialized software. All of the tools to explore and analyze data are contained in the investigation.

Investigations cover topics commonly taught in an introductory astronomy class or unit. We aim in each investigation to imitate the processes that professional scientists use to evaluate data, and where possible we provide opportunities for students to select and manipulate their own dataset. Emphasis is on the nature and practices of science. For this reason, investigations have no "answer key", and do not provide feedback as to whether an answer is "right" or "wrong".